Brooke launches new campaign with humanitarian focus

Howard Lake | 19 September 2008 | News

The Brooke’s new campaign is designed to draw attention to the humanitarian side of its work as well as the animal welfare part.
The campaign, designed with Whitewater, has been researched through focus groups and surveys that revealed people could not decide whether to give to animal or people charities. It highlights the dual impact the Brooke has in making a lasting difference to the working horses, donkeys and mules most in need across the world, along with the poverty-stricken communities that depend on them.
The charity hopes to secure an additional, 4000 new donors, 115,000 prospective supporters and an increase of £1.1m income over the next three years.
It hopes the campaign will help the public to understand the interdependence between animals and people and show that the role of working equine animals is central to human welfare.