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Baby Boomers more important than ever

Howard Lake | 3 November 2008 | News

With the pressure rising in the current recession, fundraisers should make sure they are making their messages ‘boomer friendly’, delegates will be told tomorrow at the Institute of Fundraising North West conference.
Delivering the opening plenary, Whitewater’s Kevin Kibble tells delegates: “In the face of economic uncertainty it is more important than ever that fundraisers maintain their momentum in retention and acquisition. Now is not the time to cut back investment in fundraising when demands on charitable services are rising at unprecedented rates, and fundraisers could really help their cause by ensuring their messages are ‘boomer friendly’.”
Kibble will point out that Baby Boomers – those born between 1948 and 1964 – are the wealthiest generation the world has ever known. “But their motivations, needs and expectations are so far removed from our traditional donor base that we ignore the clear messages they are sending out at our peril.”
Highlighting six key messages boomers want from charities, Kibble will also tell delegates that: “It’s not just today’s income that is affected by engaging with Baby Boomers: get them onside now and this will greatly increase regular giving, reduce attrition and build future legacies.”