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Visits to UK blogs hits all-time high, says Hitwise

Howard Lake | 30 July 2008 | Blogs

The popularity of blogs in the UK continues to grow. Hitwise UK reports that "UK Internet visits to weblogs reached an all-time high during the week ending 7/6/2008, with traffic to the Hitwise Lifestyle – Blogs and Personal Websites category accounting for 1.19% of all UK Internet traffic, equivalent to one in every 84 website visits"

Weekly market share in 'all categories' measured by visits, based on UK usage. Source/copyright: Hitwise United Kingdom

Hitwise’s data shows that, while traditional news and media sites still attract more traffic than blogs, traffic to blogs is growing at a much faster rate. Hitwise UK say that "over the last three years, UK Internet traffic to Hitwise’s Blogs and Personal Websites category has increased by 171%, compared to a 70% increase in traffic to News and Media sites".


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Perhaps not surprisingly charity or fundraising blogs don’t show up in the top 20 websites in Hitwise’s Blogs and Personal Websites category: gadgets and gossip are more attractive it seems.

But if you thought that blogging was still a fad that your charity could safely let pass, I’d suggest you think again.