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How to make the most of your fundraising email’s subject line

You might work hard at crafting your fundraising email messages, but without an effective email subject line, your messages might not even be opened. Here is what you need to know about email subject lines and making them convince people to open them.
Email continues to be a powerful tool for fundraisers and charity communications staff. It’s quick, reliable, private, measurable and very easy to test and improve.
But those few words in the email subject line are a very important hurdle to surmount. If they don’t make your message look relevant, interesting or useful to the recipient, they could actually hinder your chances of the email being opened or read, let alone acted upon.
Sidekick by Hubspot has produced a helpful 40-slide Slideshare reminding us why subject lines are so important, and what we can do to improve them to improve our email open rates – so that we can actually talk with donors!

19 Subject Line Stats Impacting Our Open Rates from Sidekick
• What is your charity’s best performing email subject line for a fundraising appeal? Share it in the comments.



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