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Experts to give free marketing advice

Howard Lake | 18 June 2008 | News

A new corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme called Marketing for Change is offering charities in Ireland free marketing expertise. Launched last week by Alternatives Marketing Talent House, marketers will volunteer their skills and experience to nominated charities for an agreed period.
Projects include assisting charities in how they are perceived by the public and the media, helping to launch fundraising or awareness campaigns, informing advertising and PR and helping to encourage volunteers to join.
Alternatives has selected 16 charities, including Child Fund Alliance, the Hope Foundation and World Vision Ireland, with over 30 projects signed up to the programme.
“It’s a win-win-win. For the charities, they gain access to experienced marketers free of charge. For the volunteers, they will be able to provide high impact marketing contributions in an easy and flexible way,” said Aldagh McDonogh, programme director for the initiative.
“In a nutshell, these companies hire in the best marketing talent for a dedicated period of time to complete a particular task which requires a skill that they don’t currently have in their business.
“Instead of simply writing a cheque for a worthy cause our new programme is about investing yourself directly through your time and expertise in charities that really benefit from your input.”