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Bank of America Merrill Lynch investment to deliver income-generation skills to the arts

Howard Lake | 13 October 2009 | News

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has invested €400,000 in the arts sector in Ireland to help improve income generation skills.

The ‘New Stream’ is to be run by Business to Arts over 3 years. With New Stream the objective is to strengthen the skills of the Irish cultural sector to generate new funding streams from non-public sources more effectively.

Designed to support organisations of all sizes, Business to Arts and its partners will provide access for the arts and cultural sector to specialist training and consultancy, information, peer support networks and professional advice.


Why your supporters are wealthier than you think... Course by Catherine Miles. Background photo of two sides of a terraced street of houses.

With participants’ feedback, New Stream will continue to develop and will be evaluated in association with the University College Dublin MA in Cultural Policy and Arts Management. This will ensure that it achieves the high standards required and identifies opportunities for further innovation.

The project is based around 5 individual streams of activity which will provide subsidised access to training, strategy development, and information, while creating a platform for greater collaboration within the sector.

From the outset of the project will be delivering fundraising training with the consultancy ‘For Impact,’ with whom a tailored a programme for the Irish market has been developed.

The programme will also work with Genesis, a marketing and organisational development consultancy who have worked with the cultural sector in the past and who will create fundraising strategies which will help organisations engage with potential investors more effectively.

Other elements of the programmes will engage with business partners including Salesforce, Google, PwC, Mason Hayes+Curran and CultureLabel.