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Digital map shows impact of company giving and volunteering in Ireland

Howard Lake | 20 September 2011 | News

Research by Business in the Community Ireland reveals that 35 companies in its network have developed 3,235 community partnerships and donated over €17 million in cash donations, in-kind donations and employee fundraising to charities and community groups in 2010.
The information is presented on a digital map, the “Business Impact Map” which gives a county by county breakdown of how much companies and employees have supported their local community groups and charities during the year.
The figures were gathered by and the map created Business in the Community Ireland in order to demonstrate the impact that business is having on communities around Ireland.
In total over €11 million was given in cash donations, €3.1 million in in-kind donations, and over €2.4 million was raised through fundraising by employees. Employees also volunteered nearly 140,000 hours.
Counties which ranked the highest for employee fundraising outside of Dublin were Kildare, Limerick, Cork, Antrim and Louth, raising €151,000, €119,000, €87,000 and €77,000, €73,000 respectively. Dublin had the most employee volunteer hours at 75,369 and Kildare was also strong with over 26,000 hours. County Limerick followed with 6,200 hours and Meath followed with 5,900 hours.
Cash donations from business were very high in Co. Kildare at over €600,000, followed by Co. Cork at just over €400,000, Co. Wicklow at €214,000 and Co. Tipperary also ranked highly at €117,000.
Companies that participated in the map include Abbott, AIB, Bank of Ireland, BT, Bord Gáis, IBM, Intel, KPMG, ESB, Diageo Ireland and Telefonica O2 among others.