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£19 million long-term cashs boost to radio charities

Howard Lake | 12 May 2008 | News

Sir Tom Hunter has pledged £4 million over the next ten years to Bauer Radio station charities in a move that consolidates all of their charities under one brand – Cash for Kids.
The cash will be used to underwrite 50% of all the running costs for the charities which raised in excess of £4.5 million in 2007/08 to help children across the UK.
The aim of the re-brand is to raise the profile of the charities to a national level to maximise the amount of money they can raise whilst ensuring that all the money raised continues to be invested locally.
Retail entrepreneur and renowned philanthropist, Sir Tom, has been a long-time supporter of Radio Clyde’s Cash for Kids Charity.
He said:
“Cash for Kids is a brilliant brand and by extending it to a national level it will make a major impact on young lives. Clearly by having national reach and local impact we hope we can sign up many national corporations to support the charity. Ultimately, as we do with Cash for Kids Radio Clyde, we’d like every pound raised to go directly to the children’s causes we support.”
Dee Ford, Managing Director of Bauer Radio said:
“It is our ambition to increase the donations to £7 million in 08/09 and ultimately to reach £10million by 2010.
“We are absolutely delighted to have the support of Sir Tom Hunter in this venture and we are over the moon at his generous donation. He has long been associated with Cash for Kids through Radio Clyde and has done a great deal for the charity.”
As part of this deal, Bauer has committed to continuing to underwrite £200,000 of the overall administration costs, as well as offering a staggering £1.5m of airtime to Cash for Kids per annum; a pledge of some £15m over the ten year period of the agreement.
Dee added:
“To have Sir Tom’s backing and his support really raises the profile of our charities and what we are trying to do across the UK. His generosity is very much appreciated and will guarantee that even more of the money we raise for the foreseeable future will go directly to the children who need it with even less being spent on administration. Ultimately, it is our goal to have all of our administration costs covered to ensure that all donations made by local radio station listeners will go directly to the children”
“This new chapter in the life of the charities is about bringing them together and working in a more joined-up manner across the country. It will allow us to have a real consistency of brand throughout the UK
“This is not about taking away local ownership as the way the charities are run will stay the same and the most important thing to remember is that all the money which is raised locally will still stay in the local area and will benefit local communities.”
Issued on behalf of Bauer by The BIG Partnership
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Notes to editors
The Bauer Publishing Group is a worldwide media empire operating businesses across 14 countries. Bauer Radio Ltd; part of the Bauer Publishing Group 2008, is home to a growing network of no.1 commercial radio stations in all major markets in the UK.
The Group takes a strategic approach to corporate, social responsibility and its reputation depends on effective implementation of policies and its responsibility in local, regional, national and international markets.
Within the radio division, we are looking to bring greater focus and co-ordination to our activities and to make our CSR commitment more effective.
We currently have 19 radio stations within the ‘big city’ portfolio, covering Scotland, Northern England and Ireland, each of which operates local charity initiatives for sick and underprivileged children; collectively we raised in excess of £4.5 million in 2007/08.
It is our ambition to increase these donations to £7 million in 08/09 and ultimately to reach £10million by 2010.
The Hunter Foundation is committing £ 4m over the next ten years, however as part of this agreement we are extending the term of our already existing agreement with Cash for Kids Radio Clyde for a further four years under this agreement.
As part of this agreement a new Board will be created to oversee target delivery. The Hunter Foundation will have two Board seats that rotate between Sir Tom Hunter, Ewan Hunter, Paul Cooney and Sir John Orr.
As well as local fundraising conducted by the local stations the above Board will also focus upon a national fundraising campaign.
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