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UK Fundraising still ranked top at search engines for ‘fundraising’

Howard Lake | 22 January 2008 | Blogs

Number one balloon - photo: Pexels
Number one

Having launched a completely redeveloped version of UK Fundraising earlier this month, it was time to check whether it could still be found on the major search engines.

I’m pleased to report that the site’s performance for searches on the word ‘fundraising’ is still outstanding.
Position: 1st
Position: 1st

Yahoo! UK & Ireland
Position: 1st;_ylt=A0geumRO1pVHBWABS4VKBQx.?p=fundraising&ei=UTF-8&iscqry=&fr=sfp

Windows Live Search
Position: 1st
Position: 1st
Position: 1st
Position: 2nd
Position: 2nd

We’re not perfect though. On we’ve dropped off the top 10 results by quite some way. And on Amazon’s A9 site we are 32nd.

Still, given all of the above represent a fairly consistent record over some years then the move has worked well from this technical and marketing point of view.


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Even better, all of these rankings cost us not one penny. We’ve never paid a penny for online advertising to try to secure more incoming links to the site. Which should be encouraging to charities with a minimal or non-existent budget for online marketing.

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