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Action Planning launches new database of the UK's wealthy

Howard Lake | 22 October 2006 | News

Fundraising consultancy Action Planning has announced ‘Wealth Intelligence’, a new resource for fundraisers who need to identify and secure new major donors. Launched at last week’s ‘Raising funds from the Rich’ conference, Wealth Intelligence has been developed in partnership with research specialists Prospecting for Gold.

Wealth Intelligence can be used by charities not only to develop major donor campaigns but also for planned giving and legacy campaigns. Action Planning’s service includes access to “the UK’s largest factual database of the wealthy”, which contains contains 300,000 names and is operated by Prospecting for Gold, advanced data analysis software, and the consultancy support from the Action Planning team.

The service enables charities to screen their existing supporter lists to identify wealthy and influential people, buy new names of high net worth individuals with an affinity to the charity’s cause, and receive support in using the information to develop major donor programmes.


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Wealth Intelligence offers information on 12 attributes including an individual’s wealth (from £1 million to over £50 million), the types of investment held, directorships and other business interests, social networks, philanthropic and charitable involvement and giving history.