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.eu domain to launch in three weeks' time

Howard Lake | 16 November 2005 | News

.eu Domains – Floodgates to open in 3 Weeks Time

On 7th December 2005, the new .eu top level domain will be launched, starting with a priority period for existing rights holders. This sunrise period will last for 4 months, following which registration will be made open to the public on 7th April 2006.

Where there is more than one existing rights holder domain name applications will be dealt with on a first come first served basis. We therefore recommend prompt action by those interested in the .eu domain.


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The sunrise period will be divided into two two-month phases. Only public bodies and trademark owners can register in the first two month period. In the second two month period holders of other rights such as company names, trading names, and titles of literary and artistic works will be able to register domains.

There are few other restrictions on registering a .eu domain name. One prerequisite is a close link to the European Community but this should not prove to be a significant obstacle in most cases. An organisation can satisfy this requirement if it is registered in, or has its head office in the European Community. Individuals can do so if they are resident within the European Community.

.eu domain names will be registered initially for one year, following which renewal will be automatic provided further annual payments are made.

Even those with no rights in a name can take steps now to ensure their place in the queue following the end of the sunrise period, by pre-registering their name(s). This will not guarantee successful registration of the name(s) but does mean that an application will be submitted as soon as the sunrise period ends with the aim of gaining priority for the application.

We can advise on and assist with registration of .eu domains. For more information please contact: