Xperedon offers online charity shop service

Howard Lake | 11 June 2014 | News

Global fundraising platform Xperedon has expanded its online fundraising services to enable charities to build and run online shops. Charities can generate income from their own products, but they can also generate income by recruiting corporate supporters to the site to sell their products and services in support of a charity.
David Hallett, CEO of the Anglo-Swiss enterprise, said that the shops can be “up and running in minutes”. He added:
“The platform provides a distinctive approach for suppliers, where products are showcased in the general search, alongside others, but each also have their own online shop complete with blogging, media, and social tools.”
Charities and corporate supporters can embed their shop or any element of their shop into their own websites and Facebook pages, ensuring as wide an audience as possible can find them.
By aggregating multiple charities’ and companies’ online shops, Xperedon says that it is offering charities several ways in which its products can be found:
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Xperedon does not charge charities either a registration fee or monthly charges to establish and run a charity shop. Instead, it charges a commission on sales generated via the platform.
It charges charities and non-profits a commission of 12.5% on the sale price of items sold via the platform. Commercial businesses pay 15% and £19/month. Card processing fees are passed on at cost.
Where a supplier is recruited by a charity, Xperedon pays 2.5% of the sale price to the charity on all sales.


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New and established retailers

Hallett said that the platform was designed both for charities that had no shop experience and those that had an established high street retail operation. He said:
“Charities new to commerce can ask suppliers to stock their shops to get started, and start earning commission. Charities with existing shops can consolidate online with one smart e-commerce solution”.
At launch Xperedon Charity Shops already has 110 suppliers offering 655 products. Each product indicates what percentage of sales will be donated to charity.
Xperedon Charity Shops is just one of a suite of online fundraising and content management tools that Xperedon offers to charities internationally.
As well as an advanced platform providing a comprehensive suite of fundraising software for non-profits, Xperedon specialises in developing websites for charities that include built-in fundraising and content management tools.