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British Red Cross closes Beslan appeal after just one day

Howard Lake | 10 September 2004 | News

The Beslan Crisis Appeal launched on 7 September by the British Red Cross in the wake of the school massacre in Beslan hit its target within one day.

The appeal target was £100,000, and with postal donations still coming in the amount raised could reach £150,000.

Mark Astarita, director of fundraising at the British Red Cross, said: “I have been astonished by the speed and scale of the generosity of the British public to the Beslan appeal. I don’t think I have ever witnessed in my fundraising career such a rapid response.”


How to move from Fundraiser to CEO - by Bruce Tait. Upwards white arrow on blue background.

The money raised through the appeal will help the Red Cross provide the survivors and their families with medical assistance in their homes, and longer-term psychological support to help them come to terms with the tragedy.

Meanwhile the Russian Red Cross has raised £1.3 million (68.6 million rubles) within one week for the Beslan survivors.