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GrantsNet offers its grants search box to other Web sites

Online grants information service GrantsNet is encouraging other Web sites to give direct access to its grants search tool to their users by adding a free search box.
Organisations can request a search box from GrantsNet that they can embed into their own Web sites. GrantsNet is offering the free service to to organisations that provide information to UK businesses and charities, such as educational organisations, development agencies and local authorities.
Agencies and councils can include their own grant schemes in GrantsNet’s databases, by using GrantsNet’s Submit function. GrantsNet hope that, by allowing users to locate grants available from the participating Web site, more providers will sign up for the service.
Of course, this free search box is affiliate marketing, or in other words an attempt to secure free advertising and links from a Web site in return for offering a service. Other charity sector sites have done this in the past, such as charitybuyer.com. Such syndication of material is a clever method of ensuring a wider audience for an organisation’s Web-based material. Very few charities it seems have caught on to this opportunity yet, whether it be through search boxes or RSS/XML feeds.

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