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Inbox publishes e-mail marketing guide for charities

Award-winning e-mail marketing agency Inbox has published a free guide on e-mail marketing specifically for the not-for-profit sector.

‘The Inbox Guide to E-Fundraising’ outlines how to make the best possible use of the e-mail medium for fundraising purposes, based on the agency’s experience accrued since its launch three years ago.

Mel Stanley, Head of Planning at Inbox and author of the guide, said: “When it comes to e-mail communications the not-for-profit fraternity has wisely proceeded with caution, perhaps preferring to wait and assess the success of the medium in the commercial environment. But now that the medium has comfortably passed the experimental stage and proven its ability to influence awareness, attitudes and behaviours, we’re finding more and more fundraisers are keen to get up to speed with how to use it to its full capacity.”


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Inbox has picked up eight gold prizes for its email marketing campaigns on the marketing industry awards circuit.

The 14-page guide, available in Adobe Acrobat PDF, includes sections on controlling your data, investing in compelling creative, e-mail metrics and growing your base organically. While it contains some good commonsense advice, the guide would benefit from at least one case study of how a charity has used e-mail or tackled a particular challenge of e-mail marketing.

Free copies of the guide are available on request from Mel Stanley.