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Give online to the UN

Howard Lake | 8 September 1999 | News

Ted Turner is giving $1 billion to the United Nations. Now it’s your turn. Don’t worry: donations for smaller sums will still be accepted. And if you choose to give online your donations will go even further.

The UN Foundation, created to administer philanthropist Ted Turner’s $1 billion gift to the United Nations, is accepting secure online donations. The Foundation works to support UN efforts on global issues. Donors can give to “four compelling needs of developing nations and the world’s poorest”, according to the Foundation. These needs are Children’s Health, Women and Population, Environment and Humanitarian Causes. The Foundation states that “Web contributions to the Foundation enjoy the unique benefit of zero overhead” so that “100% of all contributions will be directed entirely to United Nations charitable causes.”
In addition, donors can join the 8,800 subscribers to UN Wire, the UN Foundation’s free daily news service covering UN and global affairs.


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