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Breast Cancer Research Stamp – no e-mail hoax

Howard Lake | 1 December 1998 | News

Seasoned Internet users can spot an e-mail hoax a long way off. If a message arrives suggesting that you can get something for nothing or can help a charity save a child’s life simply by sending a business card, then you can be pretty sure it is a hoax. So if you received an e-mail message about a postage stamp being sold for 40¢ instead of the usual 32¢, with the 8¢ being donated to breast cancer research, you might be forgiven for disbelieving it.

Fortunately, the story is true. The US Postal Service has printed 200 million of the stamps following the Breast Cancer Research Stamp legislation that President Clinton approved in August 1997. The $16 million that could be raised if all the stamps were sold will help fund breast cancer research work at the National Institute of Health and the Department of Defense.


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