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Winners of 2024 GSK IMPACT Awards announced

Melanie May | 5 March 2024 | News

Ten UK charities have won this year’s GSK IMPACT Awards for their work improving health and wellbeing in their communities. 

The ten winners were chosen from more than 500 charities.

Now in its 27th year, the GSK IMPACT Awards are delivered in partnership with health and care charity The King’s Fund, and are designed to recognise the work of small and medium-sized charities to improve health and wellbeing in the UK.


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Winners will receive £40,000 in unrestricted funding as well as expert support and leadership development provided by The King’s Fund.   

The ten winners of the 2024 GSK IMPACT Awards are: 

All winners are invited to build on their success and take part in a tailored leadership development programme run by The King’s Fund. Following this, they are invited to join the GSK IMPACT Awards Network, a UK-wide network of nearly 120 previous award winners. 

Lisa Weaks, Senior Associate at The King’s Fund, said:

“It has possibly never been harder to be a leader of a community charity. Charities are facing the triple threat of falling donations, rising costs and increasing demand for their services. Despite this, our winning charities continue to find creative solutions to complex issues, identify where the need is greatest, and offer a much-needed safety net to the most vulnerable people and communities. The determination and passion of their leadership is hugely impressive.


With health and care services under unprecedented pressure, and the nation’s health in a very poor state, the support provided to local communities by small and medium-sized charities like these has never been more crucial.”

Katie Pinnock, Director, UK Charitable Partnerships at GSK, added:

“Every year we are inspired and humbled by the incredible work of the charities applying for a GSK IMPACT Award. With a record number of applications this year, the judges had a very difficult job selecting our outstanding ten final winners. The unrestricted financial contribution and highly sought after leadership and development opportunities offered by the GSK IMPACT Awards will give a valuable boost to these organisations and go some way to providing the support and recognition they deserve.”