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New training in ambitious fundraising for trustees and senior leadership teams

Revolutionise and CIOF training courses for trustees and senior leadership teams.

Charity trustees and leadership teams can now learn how to provide effective support for an ambitious charity’s fundraising with three dedicated training courses.

For the first time the Chartered Institute of Fundraising has introduced specialised and bespoke training to ensure trustees and senior leadership teams can fully understand and support an investment-driven approach to growing fundraising at pace.

The three courses are being delivered by Revolutionise International, which has over a decade of experience around the world in developing boards and executive teams in driving forward transformational fundraising growth.


Getting Started with TikTok: An Introduction to Fundraising & Supporter Engagement

The training partnership is derived from the largest research study ever into high performing fundraising teams, after it was identified that organisation-wide leadership is a critical success factor for financial growth.

The environment within which fundraising teams operate defines their ability to:

• provide the best quality to donors
• maintain focus, energy and commitment
• drive cost-effectiveness and
• most of all to kick-start transformational growth in fundraising income.

Kerry Vandersypen, CSD of Revolutionise International, which commissioned the research, said:

“Nothing drives fundraising growth and fundraising careers more than the unequivocal backing and understanding of senior leadership”.

The courses also reflect research by Revolutionise in 2022 which confirmed that charity trustees surveyed identified recruitment and retention of high-performing fundraisers as one of their top challenges.

Three training packages have been developed for boards and senior leadership teams, offering a choice depending on an organisation’s needs and ambition. Bespoke training is also possible.

Leading a Great Fundraising Organisation (4 hours)
Designing a Great Fundraising Organisation (7 hours)
Accelerating a Great Fundraising Organisation (14 hours)

The training will be led by Howard Lake, who co-presents a range of Revolutionise courses including the Great Fundraising Masterclass with Kerry Vandersypen, Alan Clayton and other Revolutionise consultants.

Katie Docherty, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, commented:

“When fundraisers have the commitment, investment, and support from the whole of their organisation they can achieve the most for their causes.

“Agreeing a shared vision and way forward between Boards, senior leaders, and fundraising teams is fundamental to future success.

“Boards and senior leaders that get it and engage in open and honest conversations with fundraising teams to properly understand what is needed to achieve their organisational strategies, will be giving their charity the best possible chance to succeed”.

To discuss or book any of these packages please contact Revolutionise.