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New course on financial sustainability for charities from Cass CCE

Howard Lake | 21 September 2017 | News

The Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness has developed a new course to help charities become more agile and financially resilient and sustainable.
Run in partnership with law firm BWB, the four-day course will run on 9-10 November 2017 and 17-18 January 2018.
It will focus on strategic direction and impact, developing ideas about financial sustainability, growth, implementing change, and will examine how to get these ideas to take root “to develop profound change”.
It is aimed at charity CEOs, finance directors, business development managers and Trustees.

Why this course?

Cass CCE developed the course against a background in which 18% of charity chief executives stated their concern that their organisation was struggling to survive. CEOs of smaller charities, with incomes of less than £1 million, were even more concerned, with 28% of their CEOs surveyed fearing for their organisation’s financial future.
The same research by CAF in February this year found that the biggest challenges for charity leaders in 2017 would be:

Mark Salway, Course Leader and Director of Social Finance at Cass CCE said: “Cass CCE and BWB have jointly developed this course in response to the tremendous financial challenges the sector is facing at a time when they are also experiencing growing pressure on their services.
“The course will help charity professionals and Trustees reflect on the changing landscape, and develop strategies to evolve or reframe their organisations to enable them to become financially sustainable. This will involve developing new business models, and exploring techniques to proactively respond to a changing landscape, to help their organisation survive and grow.”


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus


The sessions are followed up with course materials and additional support from Cass CCE and BWB. Participants will also have the opportunity for self-reflection and peer-to-peer learning.
A separate two-day course on social investment is offered as a follow up course.
The Building Financial Sustainability & Re-imagining Organisations course costs £750 per person to cover all four days, including a 30 minute tutor phone call and a drinks reception. There is an early bird price of £600 for bookings made before 1st October 2017.