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CIOF graduate ceremony sees 82 fundraisers awarded new Foundation Certificate

Graduates holding their certificates, tied with red ribbon. By George Pak on pexels

Last week’s graduation ceremony at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising saw 82 fundraisers awarded their Foundation Certificate in Fundraising, 52 fundraisers become Certificate graduates, 44 become Diploma graduates, and 2 Advanced Diploma graduates.

To date, more than 1,500 fundraisers have achieved a CIOF qualification.

More on the qualifications

The Foundation Certificate in Fundraising is a new course from the CIOF, supporting new fundraisers either in employment, training or volunteering to explore and understand the essentials of fundraising and best practice.


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The Certificate in Fundraising is for practitioners responsible for the frontline implementation of fundraising activities with one to three years fundraising experience either in a paid or voluntary capacity, and actively fundraising in an organisation while on the course.  The course is equivalent to a level 4 programme and similar in level and assessment to the first year of a traditional full-time degree.

The Diploma in Fundraising is designed for those whose roles are concerned with developing practice, leadership, and strategic approaches in fundraising, and with a minimum of three years fundraising experience and at least eighteen months in a paid position. They must also be actively engaged in a managerial or leadership role that includes fundraising. It is equivalent to a Level 5 programme and similar in level and assessment to the second year of a traditional full-time degree.

The International Diploma is for fundraisers who have been working at a senior level for at least five years with proven knowledge of all major areas of fundraising and experience of senior fundraising management. It is taught at level 7, Masters degree level.

More details, along with the next set of course dates for each can be found on the CIOF site here.

Dr Haseeb Shabbir, pathway lead for the MSc in Charity Marketing and Fundraising at Bayes Business School, has also served as a member of the Academy team at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising for the past ten years, and is Co-Course Co-ordinator of the Certificate and Diploma courses. 

Commenting on CIOF’s graduation and its courses, he said: 

“The CIOF’s graduation day is our highlight of the year. On this day, we see our students reaching the finishing line. We know what they have gone through has not been easy, as the CIOF’s qualifications are designed to challenge. Especially since the pandemic, we also know our students have had more to juggle at work than ever before but sticking with their course, and all the assignments, is something we are really proud of. The aim of the CIOF’s qualifications is to engineer a strategic mindset to fundraising and the feedback we receive from students on the step up in learning through their courses makes it all the worthwhile.


“Moreover, the students are a reflection of the sector ­– and its future. The sector is characterised by grit, resilience, agility, humility, responsibility, leadership and creativity. Many sectors may very well claim these values and attributes, but which sector has its professionals sat by hospice beds, out in the snow and sleet or giving out hot cups of tea or soup, or out in conflict zones. Fundraisers immerse themselves in the world of their causes, they live and breathe the worlds of their ‘beneficiaries’ – often the world of silenced voices – and that’s a value few sectors can match. This is a sector whose professionals can educate other sectors on the value of human life, on the betterment of society, not just in words and mantras but by what it does day in, day out. The CIOF graduation day is a celebration of this – what it takes to be a fundraiser – and why the sector should be proud of itself.”