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Crowdfunder acquires crowdfunding platform for legal fees

Melanie May | 15 December 2023 | News

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Fundraising platform Crowdfunder has acquired CrowdJustice, a platform for raising funds for legal fees.

The move aims to strengthen Crowdfunder’s commitment to helping individuals and communities overcome legal challenges with the help of crowdfunding.

The acquisition will combine Crowdfunder’s network and expertise in crowdfunding with CrowdJustice‘s legal fundraising capabilities.


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Phil Geraghty, Director of Crowdfunder said:

“We are delighted to welcome Crowdjustice to the Crowdfunder stable. Crowdfunder exists to tackle society’s challenges by making ideas happen, and CrowdJustice aligns perfectly with that purpose. We are excited about how we can work strategically with the CrowdJustice team to deliver an even bigger impact for projects who need to raise legal fees from the crowd to achieve their goals.”

Joining forces with Crowdfunder will also help CrowdJustice accelerate its own mission, which is to enable individuals and organisations to access justice support for their legal matters.

Julia Salasky, who founded CrowdJustice in 2015, commented:  

“CrowdJustice – powered by its hundreds of thousands of donors to cases and legal matters – has achieved an enormous amount as the world’s leading crowdfunding platform for legal action, and we’re thrilled for this next stage in its impactful journey.  Crowdfunder is a platform that shares our values, and is one of the UK’s most effective fundraising platforms for community action. Partnering with Crowdfunder will enable CrowdJustice to become an even more powerful force in democratising access to the law.”