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Norwich most generous area of the UK for giving, says JustGiving

Melanie May | 16 November 2023 | News

A scene looking across a street with trees and old buildings to Norwich castle. By Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels

New data from JustGiving on the UK areas that have given the most to charity and good causes through its fundraising platform this year so far puts Norwich at the top.

JustGiving’s list ranks the most generous areas of the UK based on what percentage of an area’s population has donated to a charity or good cause on JustGiving between January and October 2023. 

One in five of Norwich’s residents donated to a charitable cause through JustGiving during this time, according to its data.  


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Bristol, which was JustGiving’s most generous UK city last year has slipped to number two, closely followed by Reading. Meanwhile, Cambridge residents are in fourth place, followed by Manchester and Nottingham.  

Top 10 most giving areas in the UK – January to October 2023

1. Norwich – one in five (22.3%) of the city’s 126,000 residents have donated on JustGiving this year.  

2. Bristol  – moving from first to second this year, the city of Bristol has seen 19.5% of its 399,000+ population donate on JustGiving.  

3. Reading  – 19.2% of the area’s 142,000 residents.

4. Cambridge  – 18.7% of its 116,000+ residents.  

5. Manchester  – 16.8% of its over 430,000 residents.

6. Nottingham  – 16.6% of its 283,000 residents.

7. Preston  – 16.2% of Preston’s over 134,000 residents.

8. Cheltenham – 15.6% of the town’s over 100,000 residents.

9. York – 14.9% of its over 175,000 residents.

10. Glasgow  – in at 10th place, taking the top spot for Scotland, and with the largest population on the list, 14.6% of Glasgow’s 616,000 residents have donated to a charitable cause via JustGiving in 2023.  

Pascale Harvie, President and General Manager of JustGiving, said: 

“The sheer generosity of people across the country never ceases to amaze me, particularly at a time when so many people are struggling financially themselves.


“We’ve seen more than 17 million donations to over 20,000 charities across the world so far this year, which is two million more than last year, over the same time period.”