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London Marathon donations via Justgiving reach £22.4 million

Runners in the 2009 London Marathon have raised £18,055,555.37 online via Justgiving, worth £22,459,155.11 including Gift Aid to charities. The site was used by 17,843 people who generated 524,332 individual donations.
The total income was 7% higher than last year, but the average donation had dropped from £32 in 2008 to £29.50 this year.
The average raised per fundraising page (that generated donations) was £966 (without Gift Aid).
Donations will continue to be made and Justgiving anticipates the final total to be £25 million including Gift Aid, about 10% more than was raised in 2008.
The Justgiving site recorded record donations on the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday before the event. On Friday alone, 66,785 people donated £1.597 million on the site, the most ever donated on the site in one day.