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JustGiving publish infographic of Virgin London Marathon 2011 fundraising statistics

Online giving service JustGiving have shared statistics from this year’s Virgin London Marathon in the form of an infographic.


Highlights amongst their findings include:
• Scottish runners are the most successful fundraisers
• those who started fundraising and training early (November, December and January) raised more than those who started later
• those who started fundraising via their JustGiving page on 12 December raised the highest average amount compared to other days
• on average, men raise around £85 more than women runners
• the most successful fundraisers are runners aged 61 to 65: they raise an average of £146 more than others.
Although JustTextGiving wasn’t introduced until after the 2011 London Marathon, the infographic notes that runners for the 2012 Marathon who are using the service have already raised on average £21 using SMS text giving.


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JustGiving infographic on Virgin London Marathon 2011 fundraising statistics