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One stop fundraising shops – and what they offer

Melanie May | 14 August 2023 | News

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One stop fundraising shops – in other words, those that offer more than one method of giving or fundraising – aim to make it simpler for nonprofits to raise money, whilst also offering their supporters a smooth experience.

With a number on offer, we take a look at a selection and the services they provide, and ask what charities need to know about them.

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The DONATE platform from the National Funding Scheme provides a way for anyone with a mobile phone to give to good causes, quickly and securely. It combines contactless, SMS texting, Near Field Communication, QR codes and web apps into one platform.


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What’s your most popular function?

Text is most popular by volume but web by value.

What’s your USP?

Constituted as a charity ourselves, offering single and recurring monthly text and web giving, raffles, auctions, contactless and much more we are the go-to platform for multi-channel fundraising.

What do charities need to know about you?

Our users tell us that the fact we are a charity ourselves is a key reason for using DONATE. Beyond that we are the only platform that brings together text, web and contactless in a single service meaning that we are a one-stop shop for your fundraising, Gift Aid collection and donor data.

As well as single and monthly donations, DONATE offers text-raffles, auction and ticketing services plus free advice and online chat for fundraising queries. It’s all part of our charitable endeavour to improve digital fundraising across the UK.

Sign up is immediate through our portal with charity accounts normally being opened within 24 hours. Costs vary from 2.95% per donation depending on channel and service.

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Donr provides a suite of mobile fundraising solutions for charities: mobile lotteries, text journeys, text giving, text raffles, and giving pages. Users can run multiple fundraising campaigns, managed through one dashboard.

What’s your most popular function?

More and more charities are picking up our new solutions. In particular, we have seen Mobile Lotteries perform really well. Mobile Lotteries are exactly what they sound like – lotteries that supporters can enter using just their mobile phones! As lotteries are one of the few areas of fundraising growing at the moment, they are proving a really effective way for charities to grow regular income.

What’s your USP?

We focus on mobile phone fundraising. Our solutions ensure that the donation experience is quick and simple for supporters using their mobile phones.

Over 70% of web traffic comes from mobile phones and users now expect a flawless experience, whether they are booking a flight, buying some clothes or… making a donation to their favourite charity!

How much have you raised for charities so far?

We have raised over £50 million to date.

What do charities need to know about you?

We offer Text Giving, Text Raffles (optional donation competitions via text message), Text Journeys (outbound text message marketing) and Giving Pages (mobile donation pages) through our self-serve platform. We don’t charge any sign up or monthly fees, we just charge based on usage of the platform. For example, for Text Giving we charge 5% of any donations processed.

Our latest solution is Mobile Lotteries, which are lotteries supporters can enter using just their mobile phones. These are proving particularly successful at the moment! This is an account managed solution, so we would actively manage the lottery including running marketing to attract players.

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Give as you Live

Give as you Live offers nonprofits three products to fundraise with. Give as you Live Online generates charitable giving from people’s everyday online shopping, with over 6,000 stores involved. Give as you Live Donate provides a way for charities to collect funds via direct donations, supporter fundraising pages, and campaign pages. Give as you Live instore provides charities with donations generated when supporters shop the supermarket or high street with Give as you Live’s e-vouchers and gift cards.

What’s your most popular function?

Many use it for multiple products due to the ease of the centralised admin and reporting. Charities love that our Give as you Live Donate Campaign Pages offer the ability to fundraise jointly for up to 5 charities. Our Give as you Live Online Donation Reminder is also incredibly popular – it makes raising free unrestricted funds from online shopping even easier for the user.

What’s your USP?

That we are a one-stop shop for your charity’s fundraising needs with a centralised system for managing your fundraising efforts.

How much have you raised for charities so far?

Over £27mn.

What do charities need to know about you?

Our innovative fundraising platform allows your supporters to securely and reliably choose how they want to give back to your charity.

We are free to use with no setup or monthly fees. We include personalised support, a suite of free fundraising solutions in our central fundraising hub, regular automatic payments and hassle-free Gift Aid reporting and activity tracking via GDPR-compliant reports.

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Fundraising platform Funraisin offers ‘limitless online event fundraising for nonprofits’. It can help with everything from peer-to-peer fundraising, donation page creation, to ticketing, and Facebook Fundraising, offering a single platform to manage and optimise webpages, run events, sell tickets, gather insights and convert leads.

What’s your most popular function?

Charities tend to use us for more than one thing to keep consistency in advanced user experiences, data quality, and behavioural insights. We’re well known internationally for leading peer-to-peer event fundraising and what’s also quite commonly setup with us are Community Fundraising Hubs – where supporters can get involved with the charity, whether an owned event, 3rd party or DIY etc and can sign up/login to a personalised and fully branded charity fundraising hub. The community hub will have dedicated event micro-sites with fully integrated signup to instant fundraising page creation without the need to leave the site, backed by all the email journeys and behavioural emails.

What’s your USP?

Advanced and frictionless personalised journeys for supporters, which drives the highest conversion from sign-up to fundraising page creation through to activation, page value and campaign income performance.

Charity Support and upskilling. We are digital and technical, you can talk to a real human by calling our support telephone number, create a support ticket with 24/5 response, check out our selfserve knowledge base or attend our regular masterclasses

Completely white-labelled all-in-one fundraising tools from P2P events, branded websites and microsites, registration/ticketing, Facebook fundraising, reward and recognition triggered emails/SMS, appeals, raffles, shop sales, matched giving and the unified whole story of data, insights, trends and reports.

How much have you raised for charities so far?

$1.5 billion raised on our platform since 2016. 

What do charities need to know about you?

We provide charities with an all-in-one fundraising platform, backed up with an inhouse professional services team to help charities if they need to build out their digital fundraising sites and experiences.

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TheGivingMachine is a charity supporting other charities with a range of fundraising options: its fundraising lottery scheme GivingLottery; its Shop&Give platform, which generates donations from sales commissions; GivingVouchers; and all causes joining TheGivingMachine are also given a page with a Donate Now button.

What’s your most popular function? 

Many good causes are signed up to both our shopping portal and lottery. Our shopping portal has the most good causes signed up but has been going for significantly longer.

What’s your USP? 

We are a charity supporting thousands other charities.

How much have you raised for charities so far?

We have given away £2.1mn to good causes.

What do charities need to know about you?

All our services are free to join and have no admin costs. Our services are available to all good causes and not just charities. Good causes can sign up to our Shop&Give platform which allows supporters to raise free donations for them when shopping online, it also allows their supporters to collect a free bonus donation each day without shopping and gives them access to the DonateNow service. They can sign up to our GivingLottery and start raising funds from the sale of their very first ticket.

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GiveStar is a social platform for doing good that allows people to fundraise, give, volunteer and donate. It turns supporters’ phones into a contactless donation device, lets them share campaigns through social media integrations, and gives them the opportunity to split their donations between up to four charities via browser and app. 

What’s your most popular function?

Our most popular feature is contactless donations built directly into online giving pages – so fundraisers can take donations online or in person and seamlessly see them adding to the same total. 

Our new Rocket Donate feature takes this to the next level. It allows donors to tap their card directly on the fundraiser’s phone handset, with no card machine required as the technology is included in our app!

What’s your USP?

What charities most love about us is our restless drive to improve fundraising. We are always on the lookout for feedback / suggestions, and we often surprise people by how fast we are able to make things happen.

How much have you raised for charities so far?

Charities have raised over £10mn through GiveStar to date, and we have seen donations double each year through the platform.

What do charities need to know about you?

GiveStar offers two main services:

GiveStar Community – Mobile app and website designed for fundraisers and donors

GiveStar Enterprise – more bespoke tools for charity HQ

Competitive pricing based on type of activity and usage.

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Enthuse offers donations, fundraising and event registration technologies. Solutions include a branded payment solution for regular and one-off digital donations, digital fundraising and appeal pages customised to the charity’s cause, a custom all-in-one branded fundraising and event registration solution, and the ability to set up official fundraising pages for big challenge events like the TCS London Marathon.

What’s your most popular function?

Around half of charities use multiple paid-tier solutions from us, and this is something that’s increasing all the time. Our most popular package is our all-in-one Fundraising and Events offering, which covers event registration and ticketed events, as well as team and individual fundraising pages and appeal pages. This provides that integrated experience from event sign up straight into the fundraising process that helps charities to inspire engaged fundraising and maximise donations. Most of our charity partners also use Enthuse for some of the UK’s biggest multi-charity events, such as the TCS London Marathon or the AJ Bell Great North Run.

What’s your USP?

Our donations, fundraising and event reg tech puts charities centre stage. We want charities’ supporters to remember them, not us. That’s why we build our solutions so that donors feel they’ve never left the cause’s website. This creates a consistent donor experience that allows charities to focus on their campaigns, supporters and beneficiaries.

How much have you raised for charities so far?

Enthuse has helped thousands of charities to raise hundreds of millions in donations.

What do charities need to know about you?

The most important thing for charities to know about Enthuse is that all of the tech we create is under their own brand. This approach has served us well so far. We’ve worked with 80% of the UK’s most-loved charities and we’re now the official online fundraising partner for London Marathon Events and Great Run – two of the world’s biggest fundraising events. In terms of how we operate, we run on a tipping model: