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Lindt Big Egg Hunt campaign uses mobile for consumer engagement in five cities

Howard Lake | 21 March 2013 | News

Following its success in London last year, the charity Big Egg Hunt is running again but this time across five UK cities over six weeks. The tour will be raising funds for children's charity Action for Children.

Last year the event broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest Easter egg hunt and generated "tens of thousands of pounds in donations" for two charities.

This year it is sponsored by master chocolatier Lindt. Like last year, the event is being organised by full service fundraising agency Open Fundraising and the mobile engagement is being handled by mobile message and payments provider OpenMarket.


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The Lindt Big Egg Hunt began in London's Covent Garden on 12 February 12, and will visit Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow, before returning to London on March 22. 

Big Egg Hunt

Big Egg Hunt

Big Egg Hunt

How it raises money

Throughout the campaign, OpenMarket's Mobile Engagement Platform is running an SMS-based daily prize draw to win a year’s supply of Lindt chocolate. You can can enter simply be sending a text message to a shortcode.

Taking part in the competition is free, but participants in the Big Egg Hunt can choose to donate £3 to Action for Children directly, without entering the prize draw, by texting the word “FOOD” to 70123.

The OpenMarket Mobile Engagement Platform manages incoming messages and generates automatic responses, while also administering the daily automated prize draw entry process.

There are 101 giant Easter eggs hidden across all five cities and participants can join in the search for them. The eggs feature popular children's characters as well as designs by leading artists. There is also the Humpty Dumpty egg to be found which fatures the key information needed to enter the prize draw to win a year's supply of Lindt chocolate.

The Big Egg Hunt - photo: Charlie Clift

Photo: Charlie Clift

The Big Egg Hunt

The Big Egg Hunt - photo: Charlie Clift

Photo: Charlie Clift

The value of SMS in fundraising

“Despite the various other mobile technologies available, SMS is still the number one method for effective engagement with people on their mobile device,” said Paul de Gregorio, Head of Mobile at Open Fundraising.


Photo: Ell Brown on Flickr.com