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Gift Aid income rose to £1.6bn in last tax year

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Charities in the UK received a total of £1.6bn in Gift Aid in the tax year to April 2023, an increase of 19% year on year, according to HMRC figures.

However, the figures show that the number of charities receiving Gift Aid fell for the fourth consecutive year – this time a 2% drop to just over 64,000 in total.

Most of the increase in Gift Aid income came from existing charities increasing the value of their claims, with 190 charities receiving £1 million or more, a 27% increase on the year before. A smaller amount, HMRC says, was a result of it putting more claims than usual on hold in March 2022 for extra risk assessment.


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The figures show that fewer organisations received £1000 or less in income from Gift Aid (23,110 compared to 24,740 last year), and of £5,001 to £10,000, but the number of charities receiving payments in all other categories up to and including those of £1mn or more rose.

Just over half of the value of Gift Aid payments went to charities that received more than £1 million each, which is slightly more than in previous years.

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Payments under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme Payments recovered from £20 million in the tax year ending April 2022 to around £30 million.

However, there was a 5% fall in the number of donors using payroll giving to donate to charity.

The number of individuals declaring a donation via Self Assessment increased by 2% to 1.27 million donors. The total value of donations increased by 14% to £4.0 billion.

Overall, HMRC figures show that tax reliefs for charities and their donors, where an estimate is available, were just under £6.0 billion, up 8% year-on-year.