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Payroll giving figures show another YOY decline

Melanie May | 13 July 2023 | News

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HMRC’s payroll giving figures for 2022 show a fall in the number of donors using payroll giving to donate to charity.

This is the third successive year where the number of people donating through a workplace scheme has fallen.

In 2022, the figures show that 516,000 employees participated in a payroll giving scheme at their workplace, with this down 5% compared to 2021’s 545,000. In 2020, HMRC’s figures show that 591,000 employees participated.


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The amount donated to charity also fell year on year, from £137mn in 2021 to £128mn in 2022.

Commenting, Philippa Cornish, Head of Corporate Clients, at the Charities Aid Foundation said:

“It’s concerning to see a sustained fall in the number of people participating in payroll giving schemes. Give As You Earn is easy, tax effective and flexible and gives charities a regular income that many rely on. Employers should see payroll giving as an important part of their employee value proposition, and a powerful way for their people to make a positive impact in their communities.”