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Giveall2Charity launches online payroll giving platform

Giveall2Charity, a new payroll giving agency, has launched "the first online payroll giving platform". It is offering to forward donations to charities within two days and to pass 100% of donations to charities.

Giveall2Charity is a registered charity which began operating at the beginning of 2013. It aims to support charities, schools, churches, Community Amateur Sports Clubs – CASCs, universities, hospitals and other not-for-profit organisations and NGOs in the UK.

Its Chief Executive is Tim Odell, a chartered accountant. He said: "We believe that nobody should be making money from the giving of others. Donors have the right to expect their donation to reach the charity or good cause of their choice without others removing commission or unnecessary transaction fees."


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With the new online payroll giving platform, Giveall2Charity is offering charities, employers and employees access to their own online accounts at any time. The system addresses the problem of the lack of portability of payroll giving. Employees can load details of multiple employers into their profiles and therefore change jobs and seamlessly continue giving.

Other services from Giveall2Charity

Giveall2Charity is also offering a range of other services, all designed to generate new revenue, make giving easier and more effective, and to reduce the cost of fundraising @by removing commission completely and by virtually eliminating bank and processing charges".

These include:

How can it not charge commission?

Giveall2Charity is able to provide its services without charging commission thanks to partnerships with various companies who have provided services and resources.

For example, Gresham Computing plc has integrated the Barclays IFS Banking and Faster Payment platforms into the Giveall online fundraising and Giveall Payroll Giving platform. This allows Giveall2Charity to receive, control and manage the transactions and cash associated with fundraising activities.

The solution automatically creates a Giveall online bank account for every charity and nonprofit organisation user that registers with Giveall. These accounts operate seamlessly and separately from the users' regular bank accounts. Donors can accumulate funds in their donor accounts and incur no transfer charges on distributions made to charities.