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Charity Christmas appeal films – part 1

Melanie May | 1 December 2022 | News

Brooke still from its 2022 Christmas appeal film showing a horse and two donkeys with lots of christmas presents

It’s the 1st of December, which means it must be time for the first charity Christmas appeal film round up. In no particular order, here’s a selection of the films we’ve seen so far.

Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys

Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys has released a new Christmas animation with a voiceover from Dragon’s Den star and Brooke supporter Deborah Meaden, and aims to highlight the importance of the relationship we have with animals, and how building strong bonds help heal the bodies and hearts of working horses and donkeys around the world. ‘The Greatest Gift’ premiered on Brooke’s YouTube and other social media in November. If horses and donkeys are shown love, they will love in return – that’s the message in the one-minute animation, which features a Dinky Donkey character from last year’s Brooke Christmas animation, ‘The Little Christmas Helper’, but this time featuring two new friends – Harry the Horse and Molly the mule. 

St Giles

St Giles’s animated film hears from a woman who was helped by St Giles and the services it provides when she was made redundant. This has included support from its food pantry and with polishing her CV and looking for work. She asks people to give £5 to help St Giles provide 50,000 meal this Christmas.


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Christian Aid

Christian Aid’s film hears from Fyness in Malawi about the difficulties she faced in looking after herself and her children when she had very little money, and how Christian Aid has worked with Fyness and her community to provide training in climate smart farming to provide more food security, and to set up village saving and loan groups, helping Fyness save money to send her children to school.


The Crisis At Christmas film asks ‘Why £29.07?’ – the amount they are asking people to donate, and explains that this amount is what it has calculated it costs to provide someone with all the Crisis at Christmas services it provide throughout the festive period, as well as support for leaving homelessness behind for good in the year ahead.



Shelter’s Winter Appeal focuses on a young boy putting a brave face on it at school, with his friends, and for his mum, while behind the scenes they’re struggle to find somewhere to live. It highlights that hundreds of thousands of children will be spending Christmas without a home, and asks people to donate to help.

DEBRA Ireland

DEBRA Ireland’s film focuses on the story of Aaron, who was born with EB when very little was known about it in Ireland, and how his parents started DEBRA Ireland to help other children like him. It asks people to give in his honour, with every euro donated up to €50,000 by 31 December being matched.

Active Prospects

For people with profound disabilities and sensory needs, their senses can benefit from being stimulated all year round regardless of Christmas. This year Active Prospects would like to raise money to fund sensory equipment to enlighten the lives of the people they support who have sensory needs.

Housing Justice

In this film, Housing Justice Chair Bishop Rob talks about how people can help the charity support asylum seekers and those who are homeless or struggling with housing this Christmas.

Headway Essex

Headway Essex is sharing a message from its Patron, David Tennant, who talks about the work of Headway Essex and its Christmas Appeal. The charity is asking people to donate to help it turn lives around and make this a Christmas of new beginnings for someone with an injured brain. A donation of any amount will be appreciated while donations of £50 and over will receive a personally signed card from David.

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s appeal features Chris. He’s 47 and had a stroke just before Christmas 2020 and since then, life has changed completely for him and my family. In it he explains how he used to be very active and how the stroke has left him paralysed on his left-hand side so now he has to use a wheelchair but that thanks to people’s donations, he has had the support of Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.

Medical Aid Films

This year Medical Aid Films is showing how, thanks to people’s support, every year it is able to empower thousands of health workers like Badra with vital health knowledge and skills to help them save lives. This Christmas too every gift given up to £25,000 will be matched by a generous donor.

Medair UK

Medair UK’s Christmas appeal explores what ‘we’re all in this together’ means and how Medair works with communities across the world, together with the help of its supporters.