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Charity Commission publishes summaries of Charities Act changes due this autumn

Melanie May | 17 October 2022 | News

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The Charity Commission has published short summaries of the changes to the Charities Act coming into force this autumn. They include changes to how trustees can be paid for providing goods to the charity, what charities need to do when appeals raise too much or too little, and how they can amend Royal Charters.

The Charities Act 2022 received Royal Assent in February this year.

Paying trustees for providing goods to the charity

Charities already have a statutory power that they can use in some circumstances to pay trustees for providing a service to the charity beyond usual trustee duties, or goods connected to that service.


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Under the changes to the Charities Act 2022, charities will be able to pay trustees in certain circumstances for just providing goods to the charity.

This will include:

Fundraising appeals that do not raise enough or raise too much

Under the changes:

Power to amend Royal Charters

Charities with Royal Charters will be able to use a new statutory power to change sections in it that they cannot currently change – if that change is approved by the Privy Council.

Other changes

The amended Act will also:


One change originally planned for this autumn that is not currently going ahead is to the laws allowing charities to return items on moral grounds. Last week in the House of Lords, Civil Society Minister Lord Kamall said that these laws would be deferred while the government works to fully understand the implications for museums.

Further changes

More changes are expected to come into force in spring 2023 and autumn 2023.

These include:

The implementation plan is available here.