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Constructive Space invites applications to its small charities fund

Howard Lake | 21 September 2022 | News

Chart showing totals raised over four years for Constructive Space's charity of the year
Constructive Space’s totals for their charity of the year 2017-2021.

Intelligent workspace company Constructive Space is inviting applications from small UK charities to its 2023 Small Charities Award.

The company already provides its commercial office interior design services to some charities, in addition to its commercial clients. But since 2017 it has also been raising funds to donate to a selected charity of the year.

The idea for an annual fundraising effort on behalf of a different charity arose from a discussion with the first charity that the company selected, the MS Trust.


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The team that put together the idea focused on fundraising events that would appeal to their contacts in the contracting sector. They also decided to focus on smaller charities, and to be more than “just a supplier”.

The result, according to Mark Cottington at Constructive Space, was an annual golfing day.

“Contrary to popular myth” he told UK Fundraising, “the contracting sector isn’t awash with marathon runners or bronzed channel swimmers. Most are built for more leisurely pursuits.

“We started with the more obvious factors that bring people together, including great food, a perfect venue, entertainment, and a leisurely Golf Day, all rounded off with a keynote speaker slot for the nominated winner.”

Four years of charity partnerships

The result has been a series of successful events and sums raised for several charities:

Constructive Space's charity of the year 2022 - Little Havens

This year they have already beaten their £15,000 fundraising target for Little Havens, and the sum is increasing.

Applications for 2023

Mark Cottington says: “We invite those charities who can see £15,000 – £28,000 making a significant contribution to their efforts to drop us a line here“.

“We’d love to hear your story” he added.

Not being selected, he said, would not preclude a charity from applying in future years.