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12 further learning courses for experienced fundraisers

Melanie May | 13 July 2022 | News

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For fundraisers wanting to learn rather than train, there are a number of higher-level opportunities to further your knowledge, from certificates and diplomas, to MScs and MAs, and even a PhD.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next step, here’s a list of 12 of those on offer, with all the key details you need to take the plunge into some further research.

Course: Post Grad Certificate or Diploma, or MSc in Charity Management


Recruiting and managing millennials, a course by Bruce Tait.

Course: Post Grad Certificate or Diploma, or MA in Philanthropic Studies

Dr Beth Breeze, Director of the Centre for Philanthropy, University of Kent:

“Our MA Philanthropic Studies is unique in its content – we teach fundraising, volunteer management and philanthropy – and in its delivery. We understand the difficulty in juggling a job, family and study so our MA is taught part-time and fully online so that it fits around professional and personal commitments. We do hold in person gatherings on campus but these are optional. It’s greener and makes the course accessible and inclusive for everyone, wherever they live.”

Course: PhD in Philanthropic Studies

Course: Post Grad Diploma or MSc in Charity Marketing and Fundraising

Course: Post Grad Diploma or MSc in Charity Accounting & Financial Management

Course: Post Grad Cert, Diploma or MSc in Philanthropy, Grantmaking & Social Investment

Course: Post Grad Diploma or MSc in Voluntary Sector Management

Course: Post Grad Diploma or MSc in NGO Management

Course: Diploma in Fundraising

Course: International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising

Course: The Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) certification

Ashley Gatewood, Communications and Marketing Director, CFRE International:

“We don’t offer courses per se, but the certification attracts fundraising professionals across the span of their careers. Certificants may be three years into their career (the minimum amount of professional experience required to become a CFRE) up through those with decades in the field.


“The Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) certification is the only globally-recognised, accredited certification for fundraising professionals. The exam covers six domains: Current & Prospective Donor Research; Securing the Gift; Relationship Building; Volunteer Involvement; Leadership & Management; and Ethics, Accountability & Professionalism.”

Course: Certificate in Philanthropic Psychology

Professor Adrian Sargeant, Co-founder and Co-director, Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy:

“The dimension that runs through all our courses is Philanthropic Psychology. Yes, we teach fundraising, but we do it through a very particular lens, with the goal of developing more meaningful and loving donor relationships.


“We have a 40-hour introduction to fundraising class, our Fundraising Standard, which teaches donor behaviour through our PhilPsych lens and then a range of specialist certificates including our flagship, the Certificate in Philanthropic Psychology.


“All our courses are taught online, where students can learn at their own pace and they all provide a window on the very latest academic research alongside the best of professional practice. We also feed in new data from our own experiments and reports to keep the experience fresh.”

Looking for funding help?

Here are a couple of links.

Funding for post graduate study – Government info

St Mary’s post grad funding info

University of Kent post grad funding info

Blackbaud Scholarship – the Blackbaud Scholarship provides two partial scholarships of £2,500 (£1,250 towards tuition fees each year of the degree programme), assessed by application, for entrants to the University of Kent’s MA in Philanthropic Studies. More info here