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NFT project looks to support Long Covid research with ongoing funding

Melanie May | 15 November 2021 | News

Bitcoin. Photo: Pixabay

Covatars, a Covid-19-inspired NFT project, has announced that it wants to raise funds for charities involved in Long Covid research, and that it has also come up with a way of using smart contracts and NFT royalties to enable it to provide charities with ongoing funds as the NFTs are traded.

Covatars NFT aims to donate part of the proceeds of the sale of its Covid-19-inspired art. It is also looking to partner with organisations to provide them with ongoing funding based on the volume of Covatar NFTs traded on secondary marketplaces.

This means that the project not only aims to make a large lump sum donation of cryptocurrency, but also to provide indirect funding for the research of Long Covid using smart contracts and NFT royalties.


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Long Covid is of particular interest for the creators of this project because one of the members of the team suffers from it.

Covatar Delta, Community Manager of the Covatars NFT project said:

“Long Covid hits home for me because it has affected my life in many ways. When I got Covid in March 2020, it kept me isolated and away from my newborn and wife for over a month. But it was just the beginning. Concentration problems affects my work performance, I get altitude sickness even at sea level, but the hardest part is not being able to properly play with my now 2-year-old son and knowing the same will happen with his brother who is about to be born because my lung capacity has diminished greatly.

“I really believe that NFTs are capable of providing ongoing resources to charities and research organisations that will not only help my health condition but will also help other people suffering.”