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Five charities collaborate to create payroll giving firm

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Good Giving aims to double the number of UK payroll givers and raise an additional £150m for charities by 2030

Five UK charities have collaborated to create WeAreGoodGiving Ltd, a business designed to increase the accessibility and uptake of payroll giving.

WeAreGoodGiving is a collaboration that involves Barnardo’s, Crisis, The Royal British Legion, RNIB and WaterAid, with the support of innovation consultancy Good Innovation. It will be led by digital entrepreneur Richard Packman.

Each charity will take an equal share in the business and “use a technology-led approach to reach new and untapped audiences”. The charities aim to pool their insight and expertise to provide a service that can benefit all charities, employers and employees.


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WeAreGoodGiving Ltd is the fourth business spun-out of Good Innovation. The company has focused on examining charities’ internal business strengths on which to build a new business that meets different needs, thereby developing a new income stream for the charity.

WeAreGoodGiving aims to “double the number of UK payroll givers and raise an additional £150m for charities by 2030.”

Richard Packman, Managing Director at WeAreGoodGiving Ltd said:

“Giving through payroll is the most tax efficient way for employees of any company to donate to any charity of their choice. Yet over 80% of companies don’t offer it, just 4% of UK employees do it, and most don’t even know about it!  We will put payroll giving back on the map, drive a huge amount of new income for charities and enable employees of any size business to support the causes they care about in the most efficient and convenient way.”