Open forums to provide opportunities to discuss CIoF

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A series of open forums are taking place online this month, for people to discuss the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, share their thoughts, complaints and concerns, and look for a way forward.

As well as drawing criticism and complaints this year for its handling of sexual harassment allegations, the CIoF’s recent AGM also left a number of attendees frustrated when questions went unanswered.

The forum has been organised by Beth Upton from Money Tree Fundraising, and aims to provide a safe place for people to share their thoughts. The event will be recorded so an independent note taker can review the recording and collate what’s said to help attendees then decide what they wish to do, whether collectively or individually.


On the event page, Upton says:

“What we say in the forum will stay in the forum – no broadcasting via socials, media etc. This is about creating collective change, not singling out people or points.

CIoF (staff and trustees alike) have been asked not to attend, as has anyone who benefits from the Directors of Fundraising forum run by the CIoF.

There are currently three dates: 15, 23, and 26 July, and the free event will be held on Zoom. More information and tickets are available on EventBrite.

The CIOF has also now announced a date for a follow-up meeting to answer the outstanding questions from its AGM.

A trustee Q&A session focused on safeguarding, it will also take place on 15 July, from 12:00 – 13:30.  The session will be facilitated by its new Interim Chair Nadine Campbell. As well as answering these questions, it will offer an opportunity to ask the trustee board additional questions. This will last for an hour and a half and will be taking place as a webinar on Zoom.

Registration is here.

In addition, Third Sector’s Rebecca Cooney is doing a piece on what CIoF could do to win back members’ trust, and yesterday posted a tweet asking people to get in touch with their ideas.

A number of fundraisers have taken to Twitter in recent days to voice their frustrations, and to welcome the actions taking place.