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Institute of Fundraising tackles bad practice in outdoor challenge events

Three Peaks Challenge
The Institute of Fundraising is this year working to tackle bad practice, where it exists, in outdoor fundraising events such as the Three Peaks Challenge.
Its Code on Outdoor Challenge Events is currently open for consultation. The draft has been updated to ensure that outdoor events continue to be sustainable. It aims to reduce the negative impact of fundraising events on the environment, and states that organisers of events who knowingly encourage excessive numbers in areas of environmental sensitivity are irresponsible.
The Institute recognises that the impact of fundraising events on local residents, roads, other users, facilities, footpaths and wildlife can be so adverse as to bring charities’ fundraising into disrepute, risking the future reputation of challenge events as a form of fundraising.
The Institute has reminded its members of the draft Code’s requirements and it has been in touch with landowners responsible for natural areas where such events take place. It has invited them to instigate a complaint in accordance with the procedures laid out by the Fundraising Standards Board should they become aware of any cases of bad fundraising practice during the summer of 2010.
Louise Richards, Director of Policy and Campaigns at the Institute of Fundraising, said: “An important part of promoting best practice also involves exposing bad practice. To this end, we wish to ensure that all charities taking part in such events are following the best practice standards, as set out in the draft Code.”
Photo: FGMB on Flickr.com