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Five tweets for fundraisers on 20 May 2021

Howard Lake | 20 May 2021 | Blogs

Blue bird - photo: Pexels and Pixabay

Flagging up a small charity, what leads to ineffective giving, what should we call the people we used to call ‘beneficiaries’, fundraising from the pleasure and the pain of Eurovision, and what if the characters in Friends were fundraisers?

Here’s another in our occasional collection of inspirational, amusing or just plain unusual tweets about fundraising.

1. Flying the flag for small charities

Courtesy of the Queen’s Speech announcing government policy for the next year, we now know that we have a national flag charity, The Flag Institute. It is “a forum to research and inform about the study of flags” and it is a tiny charity, with annual income (March 2020) of £10,072 and expenditure of £11,136. You might say it is flagging.


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2. Ineffective giving

If we want to make giving more effective we need to think what contributes to ineffective giving. Here’s the research paper to help us.

3. Who do you help?

Martha Awojobi isn’t the first to ask this question, but she has inspired 78 answers and responses. There’s never a single ideal response but the replies show the variety of approaches that are used by many.

4. Eurovision hits and misses

Self-denial has a long tradition in fundraising activities, not least in challenge events.

Here’s Crisis’ take on the fact that not everyone enjoys watching Eurovision – so why not turn that pain into a fundraising challenge?

5. Fundraising Friends

If the characters of Friends were charity fundraisers…

Enjoy Matt Smith’s musings, just as we get a chance to see the trailer of the upcoming Friends reunion episodes.

I look forward to a Twitter thread of Friends episode-style headings about fundraisers. You know, The one with…