Five tweets for fundraisers for 12 April 2021

Howard Lake | 12 April 2021 | Blogs

Collaboration as England’s businesses open up again, offsetting digital meetings’ environmental impact, how a fundraiser saved a life with one phone call, three Black women talk about how they experience racism in the charity sector, and why a sea change is coming to fundraising. Five more tweets plucked from so many to inspire and challenge you.

1. Helping others

Tesco is using its advertising reach to urge customers to spend some of their money in their local pub, on the day that pubs, non-essential shops and other venues began opening after lockdown in England. With a play on the meaning of ‘popping to your local’ the supermarket points out that “pubs have had it tough this year”.

So Tesco is extending the meaning of its “every little helps” tagline to another sector and collection of small businesses.

Fundraising consultant John Thompson asks if some charities can or should do the same, perhaps for charities that are closer to the cliff edge after lockdowns?

2. Digital impact

Remote meetings might save on car and other travel emissions, but video calls still have an environmental impact. Fundraising consultant and former Director of Fundraising at RNLI Leesa Harwood is exploring how to offset the environmental impact of video meetings with her clients.

3. Experiencing racism in the charity sector

Three Black women talk about their experiences of racism in the charity sector on the latest episode of The Echo Chamber podcast and the work of #CharitySoWhite.

4. Change is coming

One of the hallmarks of the past year of the pandemic has been frank and vociferous calls for change within fundraising. Liz LeClair argues this “is a call for real, meaningful, and lasting changes in our sector around equity.”

She adds that “many organisations, consultants, and so-called “thought leaders” are resisting these calls as they may affect organisations fundraising revenue, completely missing the point of the calls for equity.”

And if the sea change is resisted? “The alternative to moving towards anti-racism and equity is far more detrimental. I believe that money raised without equity is not a just cause.”

5. Live saving call

Fundraisers help save and improve lives. One telephone fundraiser at Purity recently saved the life of a charity supporter.

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