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#CharitySoWhite hashtag trends on Twitter

Melanie May | 20 August 2019 | News

Pie chart - 95% of charity trustees are white - image: charity so white

The hashtag #CharitySoWhite was trending on Twitter today (Tuesday 20 August) as people in the sector shared their experiences of racism.

By 5pm, there had been well over 2,000 tweets, with many of them liked and retweeted multiple times over, and attracting numerous comments of shared experiences and support.

The campaign calls for urgent action to tackle racism in the charity sector, and was started by Fatima Iftikhar, after she uncovered racist training materials from Citizens Advice, which it has since apologised for.

Iftikhar asked people to share their experiences via Twitter:

Many did, including:

…while many on Twitter called for action, for greater diversity and inclusion, or pledged their support:

However, the hashtag also raised a few questions, largely from outside of the sector:

More recent news on diversity within the charity sector: