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Charitycards.co.uk no longer too flash

Howard Lake | 21 October 1999 | News

Last month UK Fundraising welcomed the latest charity Christmas card-selling Web site last month. Unfortunately Charitycards.co.uk used a great deal of Flash technology which, while impressive, was not fast or user-friendly, both key qualities of a successful e-commerce site.

The Guardian Online also commented that the site was rather Flash-driven in its review last week. This week they carried a response from William Ruffman, creator of charitycards.co.uk. He reported that, following similar criticisms, the site now offered both Flash and non-Flash versions.

Ruffman’s mea culpa is refreshingly honest, and provides a useful lesson for charities using the Internet to generate funds. “You must choose your expert Web site designers with care,” wrote Ruffman. “The point is there is more to choosing a Web site designer than meets the eye – and try and pick one who’s not too “flash”!”


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