New GoodGood Giving offers chance to win big prizes in return for donations

Melanie May | 30 January 2020 | News

An online fundraising platform has launched that offers the chance to win one of a kind experiences in return for a donation.
Launched by Eddie Jordan OBE (main image) and his son Kyle Jordan, GoodGood Giving’s aim is to make life changing experiences more accessible to the general public while raising large sums of money for charity partners.
GoodGood Giving is a ticketed system and part of Stripe, which allows tickets to be sold in 56 countries. Participants choose an experience they want to win, and donate an amount from as little as £10 to be in with a chance.
Charities and prizes are chosen based on cause and appeal to the wider public audience. Prizes include once in a lifetime trips, such as a VIP trip to the 2020 Monaco Grand Prix where the winner will get to spend time with Damon Hill and Eddie Jordan, or the chance to join The Lion Whisperer AKA Kevin Richardson, with Pride in Africa.
All prizes are carbon offset and 70% of every donation goes to charity with GoodGood Giving hoping to raise £5 million in five years. The remaining 30% goes to covering operational costs and other costs associated with marketing the experiences.
Every donor will receive a thank you for taking part and information about where their money has helped. Current charities involved include The Halow Project, which helps to support young people with learning difficulties, Amber, which helps homeless young people, and the Kevin Richardson Foundation, which helps endangered lions.

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