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New Facebook fundraising tools unveiled in run-up to Christmas

New Facebook fundraising tools unveiled in run-up to Christmas

has extended its charity fundraising products ahead of Christmas, Giving Tuesday and year end campaigns. 

It has added fundraiser stickers in Facebook Stories, extended charity livestreaming, and added an donate button on the profiles of business accounts. It has also hinted at a new tool coming next year that will enable people to donate their time as volunteers to charities.

The holiday season is all about giving back to the people and causes you care about. And this year, to help you give back in easy and impactful ways, we’re matching donations to nonprofits on GivingTuesday and launching new products to make giving back seamless on our apps. 


New fundraising tools

1. Fundraiser Stickers in Facebook Stories

Following on from the introduction of fundraiser stickers on Instagram Stories this summer, you can now use a fundraiser sticker on Facebook Stories. The sticker on your story can be used to promote a specific charity or a personal fundraiser.

Facebook Stories donation sticker

Facebook Stories donation sticker for Movember

In the US the Latin GRAMMYs used this new feature to drive people to their fundraising campaign for the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation.

Example of a fundraiser sticker on Facebook Stories

Facebook fundraiser sticker on the Latin GRAMMY’s Facebook Story


The fundraising sticker appears as one of the options on the stickers menu on a Facebook Story:

Facebook Stories donation sticker menu

Facebook Stories donation sticker menu


2. Charity Livestreaming

Facebook Gaming for charity livestream on desktop

Facebook for charity livestream on desktop

Facebook is launching charity livestreaming tools to enable charities to benefit from those who take part in gaming for good. The tools are available to all Facebook Gaming Level Up creators and partnered creators in regions where fundraising tools are available on Facebook, including the UK.

During a livestream, gaming creators can now:

  • select causes for viewers to support
  • set donation goals
  • add a donation progress bar
  • and share donation alerts within a livestream video.

Gaming creators can choose from the full list of charities available for fundraisers in their given region and people can donate while watching a livestream.

Facebook gaming charity livestream on mobile

Facebook gaming charity livestream on mobile

The launch of the tools follows a year of testing with a small group of gaming creators in the US. During this period 25 gaming creators raised more than $180,000 for charity.


3. Instagram donate button on business account profiles

The new Donate button on Instagram gives another tool to fundraise on Instagram together with the Fundraiser Stickers on Instagram Stories introduced in the UK July.

Charities with business accounts can now raise money directly from their profiles, making it even easier for their communities to support them.

Facebook confirms that 100% of all donations it handles via its fundraising tools is passed to the relevant charities. The total for income raised by Facebook fundraising tools, much of it raised by Facebook birthday fundraisers, is over $2 billion.


tool in the works

Facebook's upcoming volunteering product

Facebook’s upcoming volunteering product

When announcing the new fundraising tools Facebook mentioned that it was also currently working with nonprofit organisations to build a feature on Facebook that will make it easier for people to donate not just money, but also volunteer to donate their time to causes they care about.

This feature is expected to launch in 2020.

$7m donation match for Giving Tuesday for US nonprofits


Facebook's matched giving offer for US nonprofits

Facebook will match fund $7m for donations to US nonprofits on Giving Tuesday

Finally, Facebook confirmed it is offering to match up to $7 million in donations to US nonprofits made through Facebook fundraising tools on GivingTuesday, 3 December.

To ensure an equitable distribution and help as many causes as possible, its match will have a per-nonprofit and per-donor cap. 


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