National Emergencies Trust launches as domestic version of DEC

Melanie May | 7 November 2019 | News

National Emergencies Trust logo (NET)

The National Emergencies Trust launches today (7 November): an independent charity that will act as a domestic version of the Disasters Emergency Fund by coordinating support for emergencies in England and Wales.

The National Emergencies Trust will collaborate with other charities and bodies to raise and distribute funds as well as deliver support to those affected by domestic disasters.

Like the DEC, it aims to provide a single point of contact for people to donate to, and to approach for support. It will work with local distribution partners such as community foundations and local charities to get help to where it is needed efficiently, currently for emergencies in England and Wales. It will be funded by donations.


The Trust’s creation has come about as a result of 2017’s Manchester bombings and Grenfell Tower fire. Following these emergencies the Charity Commission consulted with the charity sector on how to better respond to national emergencies, developing the Fund as a result.

Its CEO is Jonathan Herriman, recently CEO at Greenhouse Sports and a Global MBA tutor with the Open University Business School. He has more than 30 years’ experience of developing strategy and delivering operations, as well as supporting civil contingency infrastructure and capacity building in the UK and overseas.

Richard Dannatt is the Chair of the Trust’s Trustee Board.  He is a former British Army Chief of the General Staff, Constable of The Tower of London and Chair of the Royal Armouries, and President of Help for Heroes. Gerald Oppenheim, Chief Executive of the Fundraising Regulator, is the Deputy Chair.