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Climate Emergency Fund pledges $350k to Extinction Rebellion, if others match it

Climate Emergency Fund pledges $350k to Extinction Rebellion, if others match it

With August about to draw to a close, supporters of Extinction Rebellion have until the end of tomorrow to match a $350k donation pledge by the Climate Emergency Fund.

With a Worldwide Rebellion beginning on 7 October, which will see Extinction Rebellion groups around the world gathering in key cities to call for action on the climate and ecological crisis, the Chair of the Climate Emergency Fund, Trevor Neilson, last week pledged $350k to Extinction Rebellion if other donors come forward and match this sum before the end of the month.



The total so far has reached just over £216,000.

The money raised by the crowdfunding campaign will be spent by Extinction Rebellion’s UK working groups, for organising, reaching out and scaling up activity. 20% will be allocated to the International Solidarity Network of Extinction Rebellion UK, and 80% will go to the various UK working groups and regional teams.

Sarah Greenfield Clark of Extinction Rebellion said:

“The volume of support that’s come through the crowdfunder shows that there is deep public hunger for ecological justice and a longing for new ways of living. To have that matched by major donors across the world sends a strong message that we are all in this together.”


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