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RSM 2000 launch pay as you go card terminal

Melanie May | 13 May 2019 | News

Payment services company RSM 2000 has teamed up with Barclaycard to launch a pay as you go card terminal to enable charities to take payments anywhere.
The RSM 2000 Barclaycard Merchant Anywhere Terminal enables card payments to be taken by chip and pin, or contactless, with a cost of £29+VAT for the terminal and transaction charges of 1.6%.
Users need to first download an app to their smartphone or tablet. The card terminal connects to the app using Bluetooth™ with the app used to manage the payment amount. The phone will usually use WiFi or a mobile signal to communicate with the payment systems. Users decide the amount they want to charge via the app and the cardholder can either tap their card on the device to make a contactless payment or insert their card into the slot in the bottom of the device and type in their PIN.
Barclaycard Merchant Anywhere Terminal
The terminals are Barclaycard branded to provide reassurance to cardholders. Cardholders can also request a receipt, which will be emailed to them if they enter their email address (which is not stored) into the mobile phone app.
Key features and benefits

More information on the terminal can be found on the RSM 2000 site.



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