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New card game aims to help small charities raise more funds, & get families talking

New card game aims to help small charities raise more funds, & get families talking

New not-for-profit organisation Together Equal has launched a conversation card game targeting families, with profits from every pack sold going to small, independent charities working towards equality on a grassroots level.

Together Equal‘s game has been developed for families with children aged 7-11. The cards cover a variety of topics, some fun, some thought provoking and some touching on societal gender stereotypes.

The initiative is designed to give small, independent UK charities something they can sell directly through their networks and charity shops. The charity returns the cost price of the cards to Together Equal so more units can be produced, whilst retaining the full profits of whatever they have sold.


Together Equal Conversation Cards


Three charities have so far signed up: The Dash Charity in Berkshire, Mums in Need in Sheffield and Wight Dash in the Isle of Wight. The Dash Charity is using the cards as part of its school outreach programme, while Mums in Need and Wight Dash are selling the packs in their own charity shops. Maidenhead council is also looking at distributing the cards via social workers.

The goal is to raise £10,000 from the sale of these cards in the first year, which will go straight to the three charity partners. Together Equal, which works with charities that support victims of abuse, launches fully this year and aims to launch a second set of cards focusing on a new subject and to have signed up a further eight charity partners by 2020.

Becky Spiller, Head of Sustainability at the Dash Charity, said:

“Local, grassroots charities delivering vital community interventions, such as ours, are increasingly at risk due to funding cuts. These Conversation Cards are the first step to us exploring and developing new opportunities to sustain our work, alongside instigating important dialogues which need to be brought into the open.”

Together Equal Co-founder Sarah Aird-Mash said:

“Women’s rights are top of the social agenda right now. We want to channel this groundswell of support into a practical model – while driving social change at the most fundamental level.”



Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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