New lifestyle fundraising app helps turn hobbies into fundraising events

Melanie May | 17 July 2019 | News

An app that allows like-minded people in the same area to organise charity fundraising events based on their hobbies is officially launching in the UK this week (18 July).
Chatraise, a ‘lifestyle fundraising’ app, allows users to explore and join fundraising experiences that fit them, including activities they may have always wanted to try. It enables fundraisers to create almost any type of event to raise funds for a chosen charity, such as yoga sessions, workshops, short runs, and music festivals. Other users in their area are then able to browse events on the platform and donate to the charity in order to join them.


Chatraise: enabling lifestyle fundraising

Founder Emmanuel Linardatos said:

“Fundraising is currently dominated by one-off events or challenges such as skydiving, distance runs and exotic treks. As these events don’t fit everyone’s lifestyle, they discourage many people from raising money for good causes.
“Those who like to raise money through these types of events also struggle to reach their target. This makes sense, considering that they’re asking people to sponsor them without giving them the chance to be part of the experience. Only the fundraiser has the fun.”

Linardatos added:

“Individuals should not have to go out of their way to fundraise or make a donation. The fundraising sector should put the donor first by making it as easy as possible to create and join genuinely fun activities that fit into many different lifestyles, rather than those happy to go for a run or jump out of a plane.”


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