Donorfy & Rapidata collaborate to give real-time view of donor giving activity

Melanie May | 23 October 2018 | News

Non-profit CRM provider Donorfy and regular giving specialist Rapidata have announced a systems integration that will provide a real-time view of donor giving activity for charities using Donorfy’s cloud-based CRM system with Rapidata’s Direct Debit Managed Service.
The integration automates the exchange of data between the two, providing an up-to-date picture of activity at individual and campaign level to help mutual clients of Rapidata and Donorfy improve fundraising efficiencies and supporter services.
It works by exchanging information in real time between Rapidata and Donorfy using their respective APIs. This enables charities to immediately see donor payment data within their CRM. As well as providing insight into individual donor activity, it also helps charities understand the bigger picture by providing full sight of campaign response curves as they happen, including with multiple campaigns running simultaneously, with each campaign and donation categorised and tracked.
This helps clients gain a 360-view of donors and their activity, while donor payment data is also pushed to Donorfy automatically as it happens, negating the need to import data manually to keep CRM records up to date.
Scott Gray, CEO of Rapidata, said:

“Charities are under ever-increasing pressure to improve both efficiencies and donor services. This integration greatly enhances the speed and efficiency of data processing and provides greater levels of donor insight, which will in turn enable charities to be more strategic in their approach to fundraising and offer an even better donor experience.
“Collaboration within the sector is key, both between charities and their suppliers and amongst those suppliers that give focus to fundraising development. Our work with Donorfy is an important move in this area and we look forward to building on our work together.”



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